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My KRN Family


today nak cite skit my life in UiTM.. kat sni ade byk kelab like GPMS, KRN, IMAN.. dll.. tpi the most stuck in my heart is KRN a.k.a Kelab Rukun Negara UiTM Kedah.. nak tau knape??? because in here.. we are like a family...WE ALWAYS TOGETHER & STAND TOGETHER(bak kta President KRN) haha.. tpi memang lh.. close gila.. dah mcm family.. stiap kali lepas meeting mesti mkn sma2... x cya ce tgok gambr.. tpi skit je lah sbb byk khusyuk sgt mkn.. kdg2 lupe nak capture pic.. haha.. check it out!! ^^

This is Kak Amira n Kak Eryn (lovable)

From the right is Muhaimin.. his my classmate..
Az.. art is his specialty.. just like me..
but he is better than me.. haha..

The closest one to me is bob.. the master mind..
ade sje nak d'sembangkan.. sblh bob de lgi sorang.. Khalid..
tpi t'selindung lah plak.. huhu..
and yes.. the man who is in charge of everything
Mr President a.k.a
Juju.. yg pakai bju hitam merah tu..

Love which created a family and a family created  back the love ^^

Au revoir ^^

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