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i'm sorry lappy-weird

today is the saddest n the weirdest day... my lappy broke down... my work n assigntment.. all gone(hope the its still there).. x tau cam ne bleh rosak... knape lah jdi cam ni.. maybe that the way Allah nak tunjuk yg syiro ni t'lampau obsess ngn laptop tuu because syiro gne laptop tu sbb nk bkk fb lah, youtube lh... the way for Him to say that i need to stop n focus on my studies.. nnti nk anta pgi kedai lah.. kene betol kan jgk.. m'bazir plak nak bli yg bru.. right?? N hari ni jagk.. ramai org laki dok tgk syiro smcm (bkn perasan).. like something wrong with the way i dress, the way i look.. how weird do i look? i'm human too.. i'm not like in to fashion but i wear what is comfortable for me.. maybe the like me???? noo.. that is way out.. (maybe ^^) anyway.. i'll keep on being myself.. so what if i look weird.. at least i still have friends who love me.. n if you like me.. please don't look at me like i'm weird... smile is the best thing to do.. if you like me.. thats all for today..  au revoir ^^

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