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End of Semester 2

Assalamualaikum ^^

hey.. hey.. hey.. ape khabar?? ni hao ma?? huhu
so lama x update blog.. 
guess what?? it is the end of semester 2 in UITM Merbok.. or as known as UITM Melboure >.<
well.. in this post.. i will tell all my memories in this semester.. 

(i'm still in merbok n waiting for the last paper on 30th mac ^^)

well.. where do i start??
maybe awal sem lah kan.. mmg bz slalu.. nak cri buku.. kelas.. lect..

my classmates.... yeay.. the crazy class are all the same as 1st sem..

notice that every photo.. we must open the laptop.. well..
nma pun bdk science computer.. tpi apa yang kmi buat ialah...

atau pun~~

Angry Bird!! >.<
(that is our class rep anyway)

enough with that..
next.. changing in lecturer.. for my bel260.. 3 kali tukar lecturer..
why?? bkn kmi buas ok.. lecturer byk kene transfer..
here some farewell celebration...

we will miss u Miss Suzi <3


During the mid sem is New Year which is 2012..
YEAH!! =='
haha.. well.. I celebrate in Penang!!.
not alone for sure.. pegi dgn kengkawan~~
five of us... Me~Afiqah~Mas~Leeya~Fitri
tgk FIREWORKS~~~2012

The guy in the jersey is Fitri..

yes.. this is him again...
We all were like whooaaa~~ 



The clock tower in Padang Kota, Penang~


This is Leeya n Afiqah..

The Finale~~

It was so awesome that kitaorg pun dpt saman sbb parking dekat bahu jalan... >.<
sbb terlalu excited nak tgk fireworks..
then singgah Pesta Penang~~ tapi nak tutup dah..
and msa nak balik tu agak jem.... rupa2 yg pakcik2 polis wat roadblock atas jambatan.. bagus2 sungguh lah.. tpi nak wat camne..
dah kje diorang... 
speed off to the highway~~~~ and then~~~~~~~~~
we had to wait for about 40 to 50 minutes dkt tepi jalan sbb kereta habis minyak~~~ aduuuiii~~ that was a scary experience.. Thanks to Fitri for handling the situation by calling the Peronda Plus .. kalau cheq~~ cheq dah panic dah.. :'(
nak pkul 7 bru gerak ke merbok~~
and yes some of us has to skip the 8 o'clock class..
but what an experience..


Talking about new year~~~
 we all know that kite akn dpt voucher buku..
yeah... baucer buku 1Malaysia... 

semua dapat kot... and all going crazy like.. 'what i'm gonna buy with the voucher???'.. 'nak beli besta lah'.. 'jom beli stationary byk2 pastu jual balik.. dapat untung.. ' >.<
well some use it in a right way by buying next sem books..
but anyway.. 
mine already used~~ most of it I gave to my lil' sista n brotha~~
baik x achik ni?? hahaha..


the Science Computer has organize a sport day..
my class enter the badminton tournament..
and we train very hard~~

we didn't won... tapi bila buat something dgn kwn2 mmg best..
didn't win the medal but win the heart of friends.. ^^


As the day of brain washing n breaking backs in class...
at the end of every sem.. my class with have a farewell dinner~~
kita makan Chicken Chop!!
venue : LeBoss



And there is also a dinner for our faculty~~
a mask dinner..
so everybody must wear a mask~~~
venue : Hotel Park Avenue 


a lot has happen in this sem.. well to me especially... mostly a first time experiences.. some are dear to me... some are not...
well.. i also share experiences with others... 

this sem also.. will be the last sem together with some of my friends~~ Fitri~~ Hidayah~~  
my dear roomate also will be leaving.. Abell~ :'(

I just want to say to them that thank you for brighten up my day~~
all the memories will no be forgotten~~ goodbyes will make me cry~~ but i will put a smile like you've always do to make me smile~~ thanks guys~~ 

~~~~I love you so much~~~ 

well~~ its 4.30 a.m~~ 29/3/2012~~

i still have another one more paper to go..
wish me luck n see you in next sem in semester 3 insyaallah~~

till then~~ Au revoir ^^